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Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
The Mating Habits of Twins????PG1381205-Feb-07
Summary:Humour - Georg overhears things he's not sure he's supposed to.
Das Geschenk (the Gift) seriesBill/Gackt, Bill/Gustav, Tom/GirlNC17/18Wd Count21-Feb-07
Summary:Jrock/Tokio Hotel RPS: The members of Tokio Hotel are in the UK to launch the English version of their album and Bill has caught the eye of another visiting rock star. When they meet Bill finds out that some things he thought were just fantasy do, in fact, exist.
Better Late Than NeverGeorg/Bill/TomNC17/185,33013-Apr-07
Summary: Georg gets sex. (What? That's the whole story.)
Summary:Bill has a rather pressing problem. (written for MMOM 2007)
Idol WorshipGeorg/BillNC17/182,67002-May-07
Summary:Georg's been hiding something for a while and occasionally he needs relief, so he indulges himself in private. (written for MMOM 2007)
Red BullBill/TomNC17/182,06204-May-07
Summary:Someone let Bill have too much Red Bull. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Gustav ends up in the middle of something he was never supposed to know about which has some rather unexpected consequences. Will he be able to get past it? (written for MMOM 2007)
The Care and Keeping of PetsGustav/Bill, Bill/Gustav/GeorgNC17/183,69106-May-07
Summary:Sometimes Bill just likes to be looked after and pampered. (written for MMOM 2007)
Wonderful World of PornnoneNC17/182,63008-May-07
Summary:While indulging in a little porn marathon Bill makes a discovery. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Georg knows that something's going on with the twins, but he had no idea what, so he decides to find out. (written for MMOM 2007)
Double TeamBill/Tom/GeorgNC17/183,41511-May-07
Summary:Sequel to Concealed - Georg is having trouble hiding his reaction to what he now knows about the twins. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Gustav has a secret pleasure. (written for MMOM 2007)
Natural ProgressionBill/TomNC17/183,30213-May-07
Summary:Bill likes to watch his brother with girls, but this time he realises why and it changes everything. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Tom had a little black wash bag in his suitcase that doesn't contain anything to do with washing. (written for MMOM 2007)
Band MatesGustav/Bill, Georg/TomNC17/185,50316-May-07
Summary:Sequel to Heritage - The blue moon is causing problems again, this time in a much bigger way. (written for MMOM 2007)
Gravity WorksnoneNC17/181,99017-May-07
Summary:Georg notices Bill's arse and almost has a crisis. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Georg is in the mood for something other than groupies. (written for MMOM 2007)
StolenBill/Tom (mentions Bill/Gustav, Bill/Georg)NC17/183,50321-May-07
Summary: Request by ladyminya: how about we have Bill dressed in one of Tom's oversized shirts, fantasizing (secretly) about Tom while he's jerking off... and perhaps Tom might have stumbled in on him doing it but not really disturbed him per se, and just watches him instead. (written for MMOM 2007)
Is It the Hair?Bill/TomNC17/182,96622-May-07
Summary:Bill comes to talk to Tom about something very important to both of them, which leads to a little experimentation. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Tom introduces Bill to toys. (written for MMOM 2007)
Good VibrationsTom/Bill (one sided)R1,01225-May-07
Summary:Tom has a rather intimate relationship with his guitar when on stage. (written for MMOM 2007)
The Evils of AlcoholGeorg/Gustav, TomR2,59528-May-07
Summary:Tom's been involved in a drinking game and he ends up somewhere he doesn't expect. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Georg has a voice like sex and Gustav is not one to be left behind. (written for MMOM 2007)
Cat With the CreamGeorg/BillNC17/181,90529-May-07
Summary:Georg decides to test Bill's stamina. (Prequel to Better Late Than Never - but you don't have to have read that to understand this) (written for MMOM 2007)
DrumsticksGustav/Bill/Tom, Bill/TomNC17/184,03631-May-07
Summary:Sometimes Gustav gets a little too focused and Bill and Tom always make sure he has a way to release tension. (written for MMOM 2007)
Summary:Tom is straight, Bill knows this, but he also knows that there are exceptions to every rule and some things are meant to be.
Romance is not DeadBill/JostPG13 26-Jun-07
Summary:Bill's in love.
Summary:Some people should never be hypnotised.
Itchy FingersBill/GeorgPG131,89813-Aug-07
Summary:Bill is just itching to touch, but what he wants to touch isn't his.
More Things In This WorldBill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/IantoNC17/18 27-Aug-07
Summary:Tokio HotelRPS/Torchwood: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
K Is For KaulitzcestBill/TomNC17/18 13-Sep-07
Summary:Everyone needs a hobby and Gustav knows if anyone in the band finds out his he is likely to end up missing vital parts of his anatomy.
Curses!Bill/Tom, Gustav/Bill, Tom/Georg, Georg/Gustav (hints of all combinations)NC17/1823,76510-Oct-07
Summary:TH_Fanfic FQF Prompt: 61. HALLOWEEN Prompt 1: (Supernatural twist) The band encounter--and accidentally piss off--a mysterious woman in black while they are at a costume party and end up turning into their costumes. Bill/vampire, Gustav/is himself, Georg/Ninja and Tom goes as a "virgin" as a joke. Once they turn, Bill keeps trying to bite and seduce Tom and Georg keeps trying to kill Bill. Gustav is the only one who can use his smarts in order to counter act the curse. (Submitted by nightshade24)
Author's Notes: I've played with the prompt a little, it's a woman in white for a start and it's a just a costume party rather than being Halloween, but I think I still have the spirit of it :). gajastar has written a version of this prompt as well, definitely worth a read. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Seasons GreetingsBill/GeorgPG10001-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Cake and ConsequencesGustav/TomPG1310006-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Drabble so no summary
FullnessnoneDepends on you PoV10013-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Shields to MaximumGustav/GeorgPG1310014-Dec-07
Summary:Gustav had been drawing into himself and away from the rest of the band because he's afraid of something. The problem is, Bill has noticed.
Christmas CheerGeorg/GustavPG10015-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
No Such Thing as Can'tTom/GeorgPG1310018-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Will He Like It?Bill/GustavPG10020-Dec-07
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Double Drabble so no summary
Origin of the SpeciesBill/TomNC17/1814,63502-Jan-08
Summary:Bill has an encounter that affects the balance between himself and Tom and they have to take drastic measures to prevent themselves being torn apart forever.
Operation Get Georg For TomTom/GeorgNc17/1811,68003-Jan-08
Summary:Tom has yet to totally come to terms with the fact that he's not 100% straight and Bill's promise to help him get Georg is confusing matters even more. This is a sequel to "Is it the Hair?" from MMOM 2007.
Compatible EnergyBill/GeorgPG131,55822-Jan-08
Summary:Georg knows that Bill is weary and chooses to do something about it.
The FlowerBill/TomPG131,17905-Feb-08
Summary:Bill finds a rose.
Out With the Old, In With the NewBill/TomNC17/18 29-Feb-08
Summary:There are things that many people do not see and are never supposed to see, but when one of these takes Bill from his hotel room, by force, everything changes for him and Tom.
Where No Finger Has Gone BeforeGeorg/GustavNC17/187,08207-Apr-08
Summary:Never get into a pissing contest with Gustav; Gustav will always win.
No ... Please Explain This WordBill/JostNC17/182,081-May-08
Summary:David just doesn't know how to say no to Bill. (written for MMOM 2008)
What Friends Are ForHints of Bill/Tom and Georg/TomR1,73403-May-08
Summary:Georg is not expecting the show he gets when he walks into the living room of the apartment. #1 In the "What Friends Are For" Series (written for MMOM 2008)
Summary:Bill has some temporary tattoo pens; what is he going to do with them? (written for MMOM 2008)
Hallucinations can be FunGeorg/Tom, Andreas/BillNC17/182,57907-May-08
Summary:#2 What Friends Are For - Georg has to deal with what he saw and heard when he walked in on Tom. (written for MMOM 2008)
The Things We Don't DoTom/Georg, Bill/Andreas, Tom/BillNC17/181,42409-May-08
Summary:#3 What Friends Are For - Bill longs for Tom, but has to settle for his imagination. (written for MMOM 2008)
Rose PetalTom/Bill, Georg/TomNC17/181,55811-May-08
Summary:#4 What Friends Are For - Tom knows what his having sex with groupies does to Bill, but he also knows how to apologise. (written for MMOM 2008)
Plans and PassionAndreas/Bill, Tom/Georg, Tom/BillR5,68914-May-08
Summary:#5 What Friends are For Series - Georg and Andreas hatch a plan to deal with the twins' need for each other. (written for MMOM 2008)
In the Hearts of SinnersGustav/BillNC17/183,27815-May-08
Summary:Gustav is not a normal teenager, in fact he's not quite human, but then neither are the twins, which is why he was given a mortal body in the first place. His assignment is to watch, protect and keep Bill and Tom unaware, only he has a little problem; he's fallen in love. (written for MMOM 2008)
USTBill/Tom, GeorgPG131,95318-May-08
Summary:Georg chooses the wrong time to be observant. (written for MMOM 2008)
RST (Resolved Sexual Tension)Bill/Tom (reported), Georg, GustavNC17/182,11320-May-08
Summary:Gustav sees the aftermath of Georg discovering the twins and has some advice for his friend. - sequel to UST(written for MMOM 2008)
In My Headthoughts of possible Bill/TomNC17/182,12621-May-08
Summary:Bill is in Tom's head, Tom is in Bill's; it's the way it's always been, and Bill loves it, but just occasional it's a royal pain. (written for MMOM 2008)
I Told You!Georg/GustavPG131,09427-May-08
Summary:Bill walks in on Georg and Gustav. (written for MMOM 2008)
Cupboard LoveGeorg/TomR1,15625-May-08
Summary:Gustav is looking for his drumsticks and finds something else entirely. (written for MMOM 2008)
Breaking PointBill/Tom, Georg/Gustav, Bill/Tom/Georg/GustavR2,31529-May-08
Summary:David knows the band is at breaking point and he's doing his best to help them, but it might be too late. (written for MMOM 2008)
Together ForeverBill/TomR1,68029-May-08
Summary:Bill has fears that sometimes overwhelm him just like any other person and his deepest one is losing Tom. (written for MMOM 2008)
The Point of No ReturnBill/Tom, Georg/Gustav, Tom/Bill/Gustav/GeorgNC17/186,95531-May-08
Summary:Bill had noticed something about the relationship between Georg and Gustav and Tom is a little surprised at his twin's plan to do something about it. (written for MMOM 2008)
It's In His KissBill/GustavPG133,81025-Jun-08
Summary:With two buses the band don't get a chance to wind down with all of them as much as they used to and when Gustav tries to blow off one of the rare opportunities, Bill takes exception.
Summary:Gustav is not a happy camper so someone calls in the cavalry, which just happens to be Georg.
Lips Are Not Just for KissingBill/GustavNC17/183,33403-Jul-08
Summary:Sequel to It's In His Kiss - Bill has ideas to push his and Gustav's relationship to the next step.
An Angel WalkingFranky(Pnk)/Bill(TH)PG135,00009-Jul-08
Summary:Tokio Hotel/Panik RPS: Franky is a closet Tokio Hotel fanboy and he manages to get stuck in a lift with Bill.
Fang and Eyes and Blood - Oh My! Linke/David/Timo (mentions Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav)NC17/1827,94731-Jul-08
Summary:Paink/Tokio Hotel: Linke's not feeling well and it turns out not to be the flu.
In The Air TonightBill/AndiNC17/181,91107-Aug-08
Summary:Bill has been flirting and now he's in trouble.
The Joy of SexBill/JostNC17/187,16511-Aug-08
Summary:David has a kinky side, which Bill is about to find out about. Bill discovers that he has a kinky side too.
There's A First Time For EverythingTom/GeorgNC17/182,94711-Aug-08
Summary:Tom doesn't like the idea of rimming, but Georg does, so Tom decides to let Georg have a go.
Good One!Bill/Tom, Bill/Tom/Timo, David/TimoNC17/187,14317-Aug-08
Summary:Tokio Hotel/Panik RPS: For his birthday, Timo from Panik jokingly tells his best friend that he wants twins for a night, and just for a laugh, David arranges for Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel to come over. Timo gets the joke but they are both shocked when it becomes apparent that the twins aren't kidding. David watches Tom doing things to his little brother and it's the hottest thing he's ever seen. Bill and Tom then lure Timo into their game, with certain rules. Timo isn't allowed to fuck Bill, but he can do whatever he wants to Tom. David becomes increasingly more jealous as he watches his best friend have sex with the older twin, exposing feelings he didn't know he had. Of course Bill notices and subtly brings David into the mix, soon arranging things so that Timo and David are kissing and touching, until the friends are all over each other, which is Bill and Tom's queue to quietly make their exit.
Fire No Rain Can QuenchBill/TomNc17/182,10011-Sep-08
Summary:Tom wants Bill and he wants him now and there appears to only be one place available - the roof.
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words?/GeorgNC17/182,76811-Sep-08
Summary:Kink Request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
Soft as SilkGeorg/GustavNC17/188,04615-Sep-08
Summary:#21 Georg/Gustav - Georg loves to have his hair played with. Gustav knows this and exploits it any time he can. (submitted by lirren)
Summary:Drabble so no summary
For CharitynoneG10002-Dec-08
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Still HereBill/TomPG10011-Dec-08
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Drabble so no summary
Summary:Tom and Timo are an unlikely match, but they find time for each other when they can.
Summary:Everyone worries about things and Tom has to help Bill when he's anxious.
Yours and MineTom/Bill, Bill/Bushido/TomNC17/18 13-Jan-09
Summary:Tom is on the hunt, but goes for Bushido rather than his usual girls and that makes Bill a very jealous boy.
Summary:Bill likes to play and he likes to touch.
It's BillBill/TomPG77613-Feb-09
Summary:Tom reflects on his beloved twin.
Summary:Bill is after sex and he sets his sights on Georg, but Tom isn't happy to be left out.
DeclarationsBill/Gustav, FabiPG132,68917-Mar-09
Summary:Killerpilze/Tokio Hotel RPS: Bill and Gustav make a new friend in the form of KiPi's hyperactive drummer, Fabi.
To Touch and To Be TouchedTom/GeorgNC17/187,76007-Apr-09
Summary:Tom has a revelation and it changes things between him and Georg forever.
Bill TVBill/TomNC17/183,00001-May-09
Summary:The fans have Tokio Hotel TV, Tom has Bill TV as his twin tried to convince him that they are meant to be. (written for MMOM 2009)
Don't Push MeBill/GustavNC17/182,41208-May-09
Summary:Gustav has stepped over the line when yelling at Tom because he's in a bad mood and Bill decides he's had enough. (written for MMOM 2009)
Time OutBill/TomNC17/182,19410-May-09
Summary:Tom can see the strain in Bill and so he does something about it. (written for MMOM 2009)
Dragon SleepLinke/Bill/TomR2,72711-May-09
Summary:Tokio Hotel/Panik RPS: Linke is perpetually horny and it's not his fault, but the solution to his problem comes in a surprising package. (written for MMOM 2009)
Summary:Things were normal, then a stalker got to Tom and now things are going to hell. (written for MMOM 2009)
Quite DeliberateBill/TomNC17/183,10119-May-09
Summary:Sequel to Accidental: Becoming a vampire is a very big deal, but Bill and Tom are facing it together and enjoying it. (written for MMOM 2009)
Awkward MomentsGeorg/GustavPG131,63028-May-09
Summary:Georg and Gustav are not talking to each other so Bill gets Tom to investigate. (written for MMOM 2009)
Deep ThoughtsBill/GustavPG1,93524-Jun-09
Summary:When Bill thinks deep thoughts things change, that just the way life is and Bill seems to be thinking deep thoughts that involve Gustav.
The Relief of StressTom/GeorgPG131,41402-Jul-09
Summary: Tom knows how to distress Georg.
They KnowBill/TomPG131,07003-Jul-09
Summary:Bill had been on the internet and Tom has to calm him down.
Opportunities TakenBill/Kiro (CB)NC17/185,76717-Aug-09
Summary:Tokio Hotel/Cinema Bizarre: When Kiro overhears Bill and Tom talking at a party he decides to take the opportunity for fun that the knowledge offers. Of course, everything has consequences.
I'll Show You 'Bad Porn'Bill/Andreas, Bill/Tom, Bill/Tom/Andi (mentioned)NC17/185,08109-Sep-09
Summary:Bill gets his wish and is asked to take a small role in a vampire movie. Unfortunately for him, the executives are dead set on twins - and Tom would have to be made up and styled similarly to Bill. Tom categorically refuses; he doesn't share Bill's vampire fetish, and doesn't want to be styled identically to Bill. Bill has to pull every trick in the book to convince Tom. (Tom/Bill) (submitted by fyredancer)
Ultimate TruthTom/BillR5,68215-Jan-10
Summary:A pendant from a junk shop brings added complications to the lives of Tokio Hotel in the form of a legendary creature with supernatural powers.
Lips of Cherry RedBill/OMCNC17/182,96503-May-10
Summary:Bill meets an intoxicating man at a party, a man who is not as human as he looks, and Bill finds that he is willing to give more of himself than he would have expected.
ProgressGeorg/Gustav, Georg/Tom, Georg/BillR3,14711-May-10
Summary: Georg is accosted by a strange man in the airport and then weird things begin to happen involving sex.
MMOM10 - Day 16 - Mirror ManBill/OMC, Bill/TomNC17/183,39616-May-10
Summary:Bill finds a secret room while on a photo shoot in an old country house. In the room is a mirror and in the mirror is a man who wants his soul.
MMOM10 - Day 24 - Different on the InsideTom/BillNC17/184,69225-May-10
Summary:When Bill stumbled on a stone circle he begins to change and he does not like being different from Tom on the inside, where it counts.
MMOM10 - Day 27 - Mixed MessagesTom/OFCR2,47427-May-10
Summary:When Tom's eye is caught by a very interesting girl and she goes back to his room, he doesn't expect to need to be saved by Gustav of all people.
MMOM10 - Day 29 - The Things InsideBill/TomR2,83302-Jun-10
Summary:Bill is having problems ignoring what he has always felt for Tom.
MMOM10 - Day 31 - The People You MeetBill Kaulitz/Johnny Weir/Tom KaulitzR2,82002-Jun-10
Summary:Xover TH RPS - It's amazing who you can bump into in airport bathrooms, especially in first class.
What's Done is DoneBill/GeorgR363423-Oct-2010
Summary:When Georg has an embarrassing problem he goes to Bill for help, even though that probably makes him insane. (vampires)
It Cannot Be UndoneTom/GustavR5,14528-Oct-10
Summary:Sequel to What's Done is Done - Bill and Georg's new relationship has an effect on Tom that neither of the twins could have guessed at.

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