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Our phone line and broadband went down Tuesday afternoon.

Y'know they say you don't know what you've got til it's gone - yep.

Couldn't even write properly because I couldn't look up things I needed to know!

Anyway, back now, thank heavens. A nice BT engineer came and fixed it this afternoon. Someone had buggered up the exchange!

P.S. Commiserations USA *hugs to you all*
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I think it may be slipper weather.

I can't wear my slippers in the summer because they are full boot, fluffy ones and they are too warm, but there is definitely a chill in the air now. My only problem is I can't remember where I put them :) Oops. I found one, but I'm pretty sure it's the one surviving one from the old pair that developed a large hole. It also looks like it has been savaged by a ferocious kitty!

I am royally pissed off with the latest Win10 update. It seems to have broken my alarms. I use the alarm clock on windows to tell me to go do things at various times and just now I shut off an alarm and every time I right clicked on something else it came back!

It also seems to have made the lets-open-windows-on-screens-you-don't-have even worse! It used to do it if I'd used a memory intensive program like Photoshop, but now it seems to be completely random. Problem is, it crashes Word. Everything else copes, I just have to right click on the task bar icon while hitting shift and then telling it to move to one of the actual monitors. It doesn't actually put it on the monitor I selected, but it does then put it on an actual screen.

The only way to fix it is to change the display settings of one of the monitors to portrait and then revert it - this seems to make it reset everything so it knows where the actual screens are!

It's Tuesday, which means a new chapter of Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse.

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse on Wattpad

Chapter 3 - Dawn

Will Max survive dawn or will the vampire infection take over?

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... and no, it's not because I'm allergic to anything or I have a bug - when I say trouble eating, I mean it literally, as in swallowing things.

I've had issues for years now - anyone who knows me and has had to wait for me to finish eating knows I take forever. I am the nightmare that waiters and waitresses have because I throw out all their usual schedules. It's all to do with bringing myself to swallow things - I have to chew everything a ridiculous number of times before I can convince my brain it's a good idea.

What's even sillier is I love food. Fine dining - I am so there! In fact a taster menu is my ideal because it's lots of wonderful flavours in small packages and I can never eat huge amounts at one time.

I know it's all in my head, because if it's something like chocolate or I'm distracted, it's usually no problem at all :).

At the moment it's everything. Yesterday I choked on water - no, not kidding, couldn't get myself to swallow the water, tried and then got it wrong. It's because I'm a little tense right now (book launch and all) - it's always worse when I'm tense. Need to get back in the gym and work out the knots, I guess.

*bangs head on table* Stop being neurotic - eating should be easy!
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Pizza & Film Night

Had great fun on Sat night - went over to our friends' house and had a pizza and film night. It was so much fun.

We watched two diametrically different films:

Both brilliant for very, very different reasons, and both great to share with people who hadn't seen them before.

Deadpool is so funny and so batshit that is is absolutely wonderful.

Spotlight is so very well done: dramatic, but not overly so and full of brilliant characters and actors.

Food Discovery

So I bought some sausages last week because I thought I would cook them as a treat for Rob, since we try to have healthier options most of the time. I made Toad in the Hole for us last Wednesday. For those who don't know this is sausages cooked in a Yorkshire pudding style batter. It used to be one of Rob's favourites before we decided that healthier options were better for us.

As we were munching our way through it we realised something - we didn't like it any more. It was too heavy and greasy and, frankly, not nice. I told my personal trainer about it at the weekend and he laughed :) Turns out if you eat enough of the healthier side of food eventually, you, you know... get to like it.

Anyone tell me which film I just quoted in the italics? :) The full quote is:

You do it because you were trained to do it, because you were encouraged to do it, and because, eventually, you, you know... get to like it.

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Could definitely have done without the excitement this morning.

Now I usually get up just as Rob is leaving the house, but this morning I was communing with Ruby (she wants lots of loves at the moment because we were away all weekend - you can tell by the loud purring). So when I finally stumbled out of bed the first thing I notice is Rob's wallet, which now also holds his phone, on the kitchen table.

So I hightail it to bedroom, throw on some clothes and leap in the car. I pull up at our local station just as the train is pulling out. Bollocks!

So I head home.

Then I think to myself - he has to wait at Ashford, I can catch him there. So I throw a bra on this time as well as a t-shirt - the right side in this time too :). Leap in the car and bomb my way to Ashford station.

The nice man on the gate lets me straight through and tells me which platform. I try and make it there as quickly as poss, but I'm not that fast! On the platform another nice lady helps me get a tannoy
announcement. No Rob. The Stratford train is about to leave. So I talk to the guard, who takes the wallet and says he will make an announcement on the train, or leave it at St Pancreas to be picked up if Rob doesn't show on the train.

I drive home.

Rob is waiting for me - he caught the local train back. Bugger! Must have missed him by about a minute at Ashford.

So back to Ashford we go. I drop him off and wait, just in case they won't let him on, but he doesn't come back, so I assume all is fine.

I drive home and finally use the bathroom and clean my teeth, then get some breakfast and finally Rob rings me, he is reunited with his wallet and phone. Phew.

Please lets not do this again :) We now have a plan in place - if it happens again, I will try to get to Chartham station, but will then sit tight if that's a bust.
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Happy Birthday to:
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I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.


Okay, so I mentioned Sumac briefly the other day when I spoke about making Chicken Shawarma and now I have come back to speak some more about it, because it tastes wonderful and I've been reading up on it.

Apparently it's really good for you too.

I  had never heard of it until last week and now I am telling everyone I know how wonderful it is. There's even one study that suggests it has properties that help control type 2 diabetes, but they're still on going.

About all else it tastes lovely and is wonderful in yoghurt with mint. It has a lemony zesty flavour, but with something else as well and without all the hassle of trying to zest a lemon and leave behind all the pith :). It is a middle eastern ingredient so middle eastern super markets will have it, and so does Amazon, at least in the UK. Oh yes and in the US - just search for sumac :)

It's one of the main spices in za'atar, a mixture of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac in equal amounts.

Do you use sumac? What is your favourite recipe?
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I thought I'd continue the theme of dreams, since I've mentioned them two days running. This morning's one (which is the only one I remember) was weird. I ended up at this sale of all sorts of junk and it was stacked in these really high metal shelves, like in a warehouse, only surrounded by lots of open space.

The only bit I can explain was rummaging through some clothing jumble and finding all my own clothes. This is because I forgot to put the undies out to dry yesterday and it was playing on my mind :) - that and my fabulous new trousers. I now have 3 pairs of the ones I mentioned yesterday from M&S.
Pokemon GO

I have not yet experienced the wonders of Pokemon GO. I have something of a drawback - no phone. I doubt the phone I am going to get will be compatible either since it will be Soph's old one which is Rob's from two phones ago.
Pokemon Go

However, it is lovely to see so many people enjoying it so much. Very few things bring people together and this seems to. In fact I have only seen one negative post about it so far (excluding the news, which of course is trying to make clickbait out of everything as usual). To all my friends playing, I hope you are having lots of fun.

Unfried Chinese Rice

I did Chinese chicken yesterday for tea and served it with this recipe for unfried Chinese Rice and it's was really nice. I left out the ham, since it was a side dish and it still worked beautifully. Easy to make veggie and gluten free too.
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I mean that deserves a post all on it's own, right? :)

So many trousers on the high street these days do not take into account that larger sizes mean the body in them is going to be a different shape. I have an arse, it needs somewhere to fit into :D.

Marks and Spenser straight leg joggers are awesome - not only do they come in many lengths, but they take into account the rear end too. They don't have pockets, but then you can't have everything ;).

More Dreams

My dreams last night were not as interesting as the night before, but then I didn't actually get that much sleep - too hot!

They did involve Ghostbusters - so win - but the only bit I remember was something to do with a college ladies loo at some kind of convention. Not exactly hard hitting, exciting stuff :).

Chicken Shawarma

I made chicken schawama for dinner last night from this recipe: Chicken shawarma flatbreads with yogurt recipe. It was delicious and perfect for the end of a really hot day. I used low fat yogurt and wholemeal wraps as well, so it was good for us too. Rob ate 2.5 wraps and they weren't little wraps either, so he really liked it. First time I have used sumac as a spice - yummy.

I'm having fond Avengers memories now :).

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Was having a great dream this morning when I woke up - Star Wars combined with Guardians of the Galaxy, well, at least Peter Quill seemed to be in the Star Wars universe with Finn and Poe and Rey. There was lots of talk of sex, but they never did actually get around to it (well except apparently for Poe having taught Finn all about butt plugs - I can make no excuse for my subconscious ;)). No sex on screen, as it were, though - that was a little disappointing, but mostly it was just a highly entertaining dream.

There was one part where Finn and Rey were trying to gross out Peter and Poe with a whole raw fish. I think that was thanks to a horror short I saw the other day with someone eating a raw fish.
Star Wars and Guardians


This morning I made the executive decision to reboot my PC. Now to most this might not seem like an event, but I choose when to reboot very seriously - it takes at least 10 mins minimum and today it took 30 before my PC was actually ready to use again. I kid you not. My PC is eccentric.

I have to wait until it has finished faffing around to be able to do anything. I have no idea what it does because half the time task manager won't start until it's done everything it wants to, or it tells me nothing useful. I just open gmail in Chrome and wait until it can actually log in - then, if I'm lucky the machine is usable. If not I have to twiddle my thumbs for another 10-15 mins while it continues to contemplate its navel. I think it is Win10 being funny about my virus checker and other stuff, but I can't be sure. Fun, fun, fun.

I only reboot when I really have to - y'know, those times when you can all but hear the creaks ;)

When it needs a restart my PC can get very interesting. For example, it starts opening windows on a fourth screen I don't actually have. In most cases this doesn't matter, I simply shift right click on the icon and move it back to an actual monitor. However, Word can't cope with this - it crashes.

I can get it to start acting normally again - I just have to go into display settings, change the aspect ratio on one of my monitors and then change it back again, but it's always a warning ;)

Sometimes my centre screen starts to flash on and off too - it goes black every time I try to use a window on it. This is fixed in the same manner. I assume it screws up the HD negotiations and then loses the plot.

I suppose if this was any other appliance I'd be horrified by the glitches, but it's amazing what we'll except from our computers isn't it? :) I keep considering rebuilding it from scratch, but it has so many software packages installed that I'd never get it back quite the way I want it.
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I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Managed to bang my thumb between a weight and a chair during my PT session on Saturday - now it has a purple lump and feels very weird whenever I try to use it. I think I may have tweaked my back a little too because my little toe is numb. It looks perfectly pink and healthy, so I must have caught a nerve or something. *sigh* Getting old, that's what it is :)

Went to a lovely 80th bday party yesterday - sat out in the garden under a lovely marquee and chatted and had wonderful food. Made lemon/lime vodka trifles for one of the deserts and they went down a treat :) Will post the recipe over at Tasha's Thinkings tomorrow for Tips Tuesday.
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I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Other things - Brexit

I very much hope the idiocy of some of my fellow UK citizens has not had a detrimental effect on any of you. The sheer number of people going, "well if I'd known, I wouldn't have voted leave" is positively breathtaking. Let's hope there is a big enough outcry over the complete lies and total lack of any kind of plan that this idiocy can be reversed. Maybe then the pound might recover.

For the record I think the EU needs a big shakeup, there are too many people making too much money for there not to be a lot of corruption going on. But taking our ball and leaving the playground it like cutting off our nose to spite our face.

If you did happen to vote leave and have changed your mind - write to your MP and tell them why. None of this is set in stone - it has to be ratified by parliament and if enough people voice their displeasure then it never has to go through. Also, sign the petition - it's already at 3.68million.

Also, whether you voted leave or remain, make sure the racist arseholes, who now think it's okay to yell at anyone who isn't exactly like them, know that it really, really isn't.
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The moment I saw the whole Tom Hiddleston/Taylor Swift thing, all I could think was, wow, that's going to be one perky relationship :). BTW - if it makes them happy, good for them!

So Soph and I had a lovely time in town yesterday doing our ladies that lunch thing :). We shopped for about an hour and 3/4 (we're get bored quickly when shopping :)) and then when to lunch in a lovely tea shop called Tiny Tims Tearooms. It is a really lovely little place with more types of tea and coffee than you can shake a stick at, and wonderful, freshly made food.

We had the sharing platter:
  • ham (lovely off the bone type)
  • smoked salmon (so soft and succulent)
  • cheddar (more than we could possibly eat)
  • goats cheese (a whole round)
  • pickles, coleslaw and chutney
  • bread
Could not finish it :) They also have lots of different cakes and they do afternoon tea in various versions. Their scones are to die for.

Later we watched Suburban Gothic. It was what you might called quirky, but it stars Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings, so what's not to love?
Suburban Gothic

It's about a young man called Raymond who has to move back in with his parents because he can't find a job. He can interact with the paranormal and when the landscapers find a body in the back garden of his parents' house, bad things start to happen that only Raymond can sort out. He enlists the help of bar tender Becca as they try and figure out what's going on.

Frankly there were points when my brain was going WTF, but the ending makes up for any issues I may have had with the rest of the film. :)
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I have just spent the morning re-doing my LinkedIn profile. Apparently lots of people use it these days so I decided to actually add some content.

I have so many profiles on so many places it's hard to keep up! :)

Didn't get the novel finished yesterday as I had hoped because I flaked out. I think it was the heat. Did get some flash fiction written though.

It's today's post over at my Tasha's Thinkings blog.

Since I have nothing sensible to say, have a pretty picture instead :)
Tom Hiddleston with a cat
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So have achieved the weekend shop - y'know that little top up shop to make sure there is something in the fridge for Sat and Sun and all the things I forgot to buy on Monday. It was very straight forward today and so easy to get to the shops because there are no schools in session. Everything was eerily empty :)

Holidaying Parents

My parents are supposed to be going to visit my cousin in France on Monday, but we're not sure they're going to be able to go. What with the petrol shortage and the strikes and now the flooding. It's all looking a little doubtful. Fingers crossed it improves over the weekend, for their sake and all the poor people trying to live through it in France.

Cheapskate Disney

I am most annoyed with Disney or whoever it is they have licensed to anyway. I used to buy Marvel Avengers socks from Sports Direct. They were hard wearing and comfy. I went in the other day to get some more and picked up some Muppet ones at the same time.
Marvel Socks

Then I tried to wear them!

They have changed how they make them. The material is thinner and cheaper, so now they have to have this really tight elastic to keep them on, which hurts my legs too much to wear. Because I have very minimal muscle on my calves, thank to my fixed ankles, tight elastic is really a problem.

I used to love those socks and now they've ruined them. The ones in the piccie are the old style with the nice wide band at the top, that was just elastic enough to hold them in place, but not tight. Cheapskates!


Also just discovered Scamalot on Youtube - hilarious. This chap, James Veitch, has been replying to spammers over email and the results are so very, very funny. There are 6 vids at the moment and here is #1:

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So about half ten or so yesterday morning I began to feel rather grotty. My stomach has not been right all week and I thought it was something I ate, but I think now it might have been a virus of some kind and yesterday was the culmination. So much so that I took myself to bed for most of the afternoon and still slept like a log all night. Feel much better today though, just got no writing done yesterday at all :(


I so want to finish my latest novel. I only have a little over a chapter to go. Of course it's the climax scenes that I have left to write, though, so it's taking twice as long as it should because I keep changing my mind on how exactly I want it to go.

Once the first draft is done it will be time for the alpha read where I make sure I haven't done anything silly and I'll give it to my alpha readers to see what they think. Then I'll have to put it aside for a while before beta reading it.

Evil Children

So when I wasn't asleep yesterday afternoon I was lazing around in bed watching a horror movie called Wicked Little Things.
Wicked Little Things

Now this is a really well done horror - it's creepy in so many ways.

It's set in Pennsylvania, in the mountains, where in 1913 a mine, which employed many of the local children, collapses due to the direct actions of the mine's owner, who was later acquitted of wrong doing. Flash forward to the present day and Karen Tunny and her two daughters are moving into her late husband's old family home on the mountain. Only problem is the children from the mine might be dead, but they're still on the mountain and they like to eat people as they strive for revenge against the owner of the mine and his descendants.

The creepiest thing about this movie is the zombie children aren't growling monsters with their flesh falling off. They just look like children. They don't move super fast or anything like that, they just work as a pack and use their mining tools to bring down their prey and then rip it up. They act like animals in little people shaped packages and they make no noise.

This is also a horror movie with a really satisfying ending. If there is one thing Hollywood is bad at, it's ending horror movies, but this one is perfect.

Worth seeing if you like this kind of thing.

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So my darling husband bought me one more Christmas pressie that only arrived today - 32 mini comic book figures :) He knows me so well!

The were late because they came from China... which should give you a hint that they are Chinese knock offs rather than official Lego figures or similar :).

You can also tell this because if they thought the character didn't look dangerous enough, i.e. they had no obvious weapons, they gave them some. I think Hulk and Superman probably didn't need the guns they were given ;).

I honestly have no idea who some of the figures actually are (I only know the really famous characters) and, as I am sure we can all tell, there is a mixture of Marvel and DC :).

My fingers are now very sore because they all came in little bits and Rob and I assembled them. The hands were really tough to get on the arms! Fun though :D.

Somewhat disappointed that out of 32 figures only 3 are female, but at least some of them are I suppose. Of course it says everything that there are 2 Wolverines and 2 Hawkeyes, but no Black Widow at all!

All of them are now taking up shelf space in the library guarding books :)

Who can name all 32 figures in the piccie? :)
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For the last two days I have been reduced to washing in front of the sink because I couldn't stand long enough to have a shower, but no more. It was so lovely be able to wash my hair this morning :). It's the simple things in life isn't it...

One day soon I think we will have to invest in some sort of fold away seat for repeats of such occasions. Unfortunately the older I get the more often they occur.

If you're wondering why - I walked 4 miles on London's concrete on Sunday - not a lot for most people, but enough to make my feet demand I barely stand up at all for the last two days. It was worth it because it was to meet up with lovely friends, but there is a reason I hate traversing London :). A very nice lady gave me her seat on the Tube back to Stratford, which is one of those things that restores my faith in humanity. It was completely packed and we had nine stops and standing was rather painful, even with my crutches.
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So first we have this *points up*. There were times this month when I really didn't think I was going to finish. It was right down to the wire.

  1. I had a really nasty cold, which, I kid you not, turned me into a zombie for about a week. I barely managed to write a couple of thousand words.
  2. Last Thursday, just when I was trying to get back on track I fell over in the shower and bruised and jarred my left side which made sitting still and writing somewhat fun for 2 days.
  3. My parents-in-law rang up and asked if they could come for the weekend. Don't get me wrong, they're lovely, but that meant most of the weekend was spent with family rather than deep in novel land.

Hence by Friday evening I was pretty sure I wasn't going to reach 50K and I almost gave up, but then I decided to give it one last go. It's funny, my stats on the site make it look as if I wrote almost 20K yesterday, but it was actually just that I was so disappointed that I might not finish I stopped filling it in until I was almost there :).

I'm pretty sure half the stuff I wrote yesterday is crap and is coming straight back out again or being heavily reworked, but at least it's in the machine :).

Well done to everyone else who finished too.

The Study

Our study is very nearly finished. The only things left to do are the hearth in front of the fire, for which we have all the bits, Rob just needs to work his magic, and half the door frame which had to be filled so didn't get painted at the same time as the other half.

This is a panoramic view of the end wall and the right side. You can see how it lays out, but unfortunately Rob's phone couldn't get the whole walls in :). Click to see it bigger.

This is of the end wall so you can see the cupboard, which was the final part we put in. We have always had a cupboard on that wall, but it was old fashioned and too shallow to be of any use, so we have extended it outwards using the same system as the shelves (they have an amazing catalogue).

This is what it looks like in daylight and looking at the end and left wall.

This is standing in front of the bookcase looking back at the doorway. That stylish picture on the wall came from Range - was £12.99 ;).

And finally for the room, this is the view of the corner along from the door. As you can see we need to put something on the walls :) It's the exercise corner.

Of course it wasn't quite complete so we also bought a rug and a bean bag chair (which is remarkably comfortable :)). We just need to get some anti-slip for the rug because it tends to move, although we could not have found a better size if we had custom ordered it.

All that was left was something for me to be able to reach the top shelves and Rob found these on eBay :)

The steps are made of yew and the frame is made of pine and they were hand made in the east end of London 40 years ago. They have been living in a dry cellar ever since. As you can see Rob has cleaned the top step just to see what colour it would come out, but the rest still need doing. I have tried them out and they are awesome - just high enough, but not too high so that unstable me can fall off and do some damage :).

This has now become my favourite room in the house. Book! :)

So who else has finished NaNo? How do you store you books these days?
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Over the years I have been pretty good at sleeping (touch wood), especially since I had to give up caffeinated tea and coffee. However, just recently I was having some trouble - tossing and turning a lot, not being able to relax properly.

Now my husband has had the same problem every now and then and took herbal pills to help him through a bad patch. It worked really well for him. My problem - I can't swallow pills. I thought I was out of luck, but then I discovered Rescue Night.

I was a bit sceptical to begin with - four drops on the tongue and it's made from flowers. However I willing to give it a go.

It's wonderful stuff. I can't honestly say how it does what it does, but it allows me to relax and drift off with far more success than lying there and hoping my brain will shut up.

I've been using it on and off for a about six weeks now and it's brilliant. If I can't sleep I put the drops on my tongue (it's just sugary to taste) and I drift right off. I know several of you out there suffer from sleeping issues, so I thought I would share how well this has helped me.

At first I used it every night, but now my sleep schedule had worked itself back into a normal routine I use it only if I can feel the tossing and turning coming on. Rob has tried it too and it works for him as well.
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To everyone who is celebrating today, I wish you all a very

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope the heavy snow covering lots of the US isn't causing too much trouble for you all.


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  • Book of Darkness by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Beyond Our Horizon by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Supernature by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Romantica by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Bright Young Things by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

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  • Assassin's Blood by Natasha Duncan-Drake

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