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Pedestrians walk through Rockefeller Center in New York City. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Asian population recently grew by 3 percent to 21.4 million and people who identified as being of two or more races grew by 3 percent to 8.5 million.

Asian and mixed-race people are the two fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population, the U.S. Census Bureau says. Non-Hispanic whites are the only group to see deaths outpace births.

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Posted by Dan Van Winkle

Amy Poehler has a lot of experience with politics. That may mostly extend to her excellent run on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and playing the world’s most lovable politician as Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, but that’s exactly the kind of experience required to take up the “Really!?” segment again to mock the protestors of the Trump-themed Julius Caesar production.

It’s great to see Poehler and Meyers at it again, even if it’s on a different show, in a time when so many others are content to play to “both sides.” It’s also just great to see Amy Poehler anytime, anywhere, because she’s earned a special place in our hearts, and there are a few more segments from her Late Night appearance on the show’s YouTube channel in case you need to take your mind off of things with some pure joy.

Meanwhile, if you’re all fired up after seeing Leslie Knope mock political protestors during Donald Trump’s presidency, there are certainly more serious issues to think about. Late Night also touched on the Senate Republicans’ super top secret healthcare plan (and so did Jimmy Kimmel), and by “healthcare plan,” I mean “plan to ruin healthcare.”

The plan is finally expected to be revealed this week before Republicans make a final push to ram it through Congress before public outcry can stop them, but details have begun to trickle out that suggest cuts to Medicaid at the very least—something Trump promised he wouldn’t do, though we’d be positively shocked if he actually stuck to anything he’s ever said. It’s also likely that Trumpcare will remove the requirement that insurers cover addiction treatment—in the middle of a massive opioid addiction crisis.

Speaking of Trump himself, he stated publicly that he doesn’t want a “poor person” making economic decisions in his cabinet and tried to make a case for why it’s OK—beneficial, even!—that his cabinet is full of super rich people to an unprecedented degree. Truly, we have never wished harder that Leslie Knope were a real person.

(image: NBC)

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Enlarge (credit: Jorge Quinteros)

‘Tis the season for heatwaves in the Northern Hemisphere, as folks across Europe and parts of the US west have been reminded this week. In addition to providing weather to complain about—seemingly a necessary component of human communication—heatwaves can be straight up deadly. The 2010 Moscow heatwave (combined with thick air pollution from associated wildfires) caused thousands of deaths.

The stress of extreme heat on the human body is real. While most of us don’t see those conditions too often, they do occur today. And that means that our warming climate will ensure they occur more often. But how often will that be?

Evaluating this risk with precision isn’t easy, because global data on deaths attributable to heatwaves aren’t very good. But a group of researchers led by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Camilo Mora gave it a shot, gathering together over 900 studies that covered 784 heatwaves in 36 countries.

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Enlarge (credit: NASA/Getty Images)

Humans have consumed our world’s resources as if they were infinite. Earth remains, however, a finite planet. Without significant structural and behavioural change—the sort that is difficult to effect en masse— the long-term consequences of our self-sabotaging choices appear grave. In a forthcoming BBC documentary titled Expedition New Earth the English physicist Stephen Hawking estimates that we may have only 100 years to colonise a new planet in order to escape our species' extinction.

It's a daunting challenge. Aside from the mechanical issue of a planetary emigration, there's the issue of where the hell do we go? The moon is an uninhabitable orb of rock where, at night, temperatures can drop below minus 200 degrees Celsius, low enough to freeze-weld steel. Mars isn't much more appealing. Its air is unbreathable. Its soil is toxic.

For centuries astronomers suspected that there may other planets beyond the eight found in our own solar system that, just maybe, could sustain human life. It wasn't until 1992 that there was a confirmed discovery of a so-called exoplanet, which was found using high-power telescopes and spectrometer technology. More than 3,600 exoplanets have been discovered since. In recent years computer algorithms have been able to sift through much of the huge amount of data collected by various exoplanet-hunting satellites and telescopes, leading to, most recently, the discovery of three potentially life-sustaining planets in the relatively close TRAPPIST-1 system.

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The Pack

Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:50 am
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Sirius and Remus are left to raise Harry, but how can they raise Harry when their own relationship is so broken..

Words: 3078, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

My Tarot Reading

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Deck: Tarot Sampler
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Date: Thu Jun 22 09:24:39 EDT 2017

Your Card

XX, Judgement is from Mystic Dreamer Tarot.

You are being called to face your past before moving on. Acknowledge whatever has happened, accept it, and let it go. A time for change is at hand—perhaps a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of life. You’ve decided to heed the call. You have the experience and the knowledge to move forward. Make your final farewells.

If reversed, this card warns of hanging on to the past and using it as an excuse to not move forward. Similarly, it can mean moving forward, but dragging the past with you.

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It’s your birthday, and you’re hungry. You’d like to treat yourself to something delicious, something… free. Where should you go? We’ve got a huge list you can start with.

Inspired by the tale of this young, enterprising Philadelphia woman who managed to score free coffee, meals, pretzels, more coffee, snacks, and booze without spending a dime, we wanted to see just how many popular chains offer gratis grub on your day of days.

The good news is, there are plenty of restaurants, diners, eateries, and other food purveyors out there willing to reward you just for being born.

However, even if you don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash, there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or so they say) so be prepared to offer up something in exchange — your information. Because unlike days of yore when you could simply inform your server that it was someone’s birthday and get a free song and dessert, most restaurants on the below list will require you to subscribe to an email list, rewards club, or perks program.

Before you head out to collect your birthday spoils, you should also make sure you read the terms of service for each restaurant’s birthday deals, as some may require you to be a member for a certain amount of time in order to cash in on that deal. Offers may not be available at all locations either.

Restaurant What you get
Abuelo’s Join the Rewards Club and receive an unspecified birthday offer.
Applebee’s If you sign up for the restaurant’s eClub, you’ll get a free birthday dessert. Sweet!
Arby’s Register for deals from Arby’s and get a free roast beef classic sandwich when you purchase any size drink.
Au Bon Pain Free salad or sandwich when you sign up for the online loyalty club, as well as a free travel mug.
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels You can get a free classic pretzel on your birthday if you sign up for the My Pretzel Perks loyalty program.
Baja Fresh Mexican Grill A free birthday burrito when you sign up for Club Baja. Plus, a free bonus taco for whenever you find yourself in need of a taco.
Baskin Robbins Sign up for the Birthday Club to get an emailed coupon for a free 2.5 ounce ice cream in the flavor of your choosing, plus a discount on your birthday cake.
bd’s Mongolian Grill Join Club Mongo and get a free meal on your birthday.
Benihana Register for The Chef’s Table and receive a $30 gift certificate during the month of your birthday.
Black Angus Steakhouse You’ll receive a free steak dinner on your first birthday after you sign up to be a Prime Club Member. Bonus free dessert when you join.
Bojangles Get a free Bo-Berry Biscuit with purchase every year on your birthday when you sign up for the restaurant’s eClub.
Boston Market VIP Club members get a free dessert with purchase on their birthday.
Bruegger’s Bagels Sign up for the eClub, get a free bagel of your choice with cream cheese, and a birthday coupon via email.
Buca di Beppo Receive a free small pasta dish for your birthday — Spaghetti Marinara, Fettuccini Alfredo, or Baked Ziti — when you sign up for the eClub.
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Joining the Buffalo Circle Club will earn you an order of snack size wings, as well as a free dessert on your birthday.
Caribou Coffee Sign up for the Caribou Perks program and receive a free birthday drink.
Carraba’s Italian Grill Members of the Amici Club receive a free dessert with the purchase of any entree.
Carvel Subscribers of the Fudgie Fanatics email list get you a free ice cream cone, a birthday coupon, and a BOGO offer.
The Cheesecake Factory Tell your server it’s your birthday and you’ll get a free song AND a free birthday sundae with a tiny “scoopette” of vanilla ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, confetti pieces and a candle. No signing up for anything!
Chili’s Signing up for the email club will earn you a coupon for a free dessert on your birthday.
Cinnabon You can get a birthday free treat as well as a bonus Minibon cinnamon roll by signing up for Club Cinnamon.
Coldstone Creamery My Coldstone Club members receive a BOGO coupon for an ice cream creation on their birthday.
Cracker Barrel Free dessert and a free song on your birthday — and you don’t have to sign up for a thing.
Culver’s Join the MyCulver’s club and get a free birthday sundae, and a free value basket including a ButterBurger (or other sandwich), classic side, and a regular drink.
Dairy Queen Free blizzard coupon when you sign up for the online fan club, as well as a “special” birthday coupon. Make sure to bring the printed coupon to the store.
Del Taco Join the online club and get a free, regular size premium milkshake on your birthday — vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.
Denny’s Get a free original grand slam with a valid ID on your birthday. No signup required.
Dippin’ Dots Signing up for the Dot Crazy email club entitles you to free Dippin’ Dots on your birthday.
Dunkin’ Donuts You’ll get a free drink for signing up for the DD Perks Rewards Program, as well as a free medium beverage of your choice on your birthday.
Edible Arrangements Register for the Edible Rewards program and get an assortment of free chocolate-dipped fruit on your birthday.
Einstein Bros. Bagels A free bagel and schmear with purchase when you join the eClub, as well as free egg sandwich with purchase on your birthday.
Firehouse Subs If you sign up for Firehouse Rewards before your birthday, you’ll get a free medium sub valid on your birthday or within six days after it.
Friendly’s Register for the BFF Club and get a free Happy Endings (yes, that’s really what it’s called) medium sundae.
Godiva Sign up for the rewards club to get a $10 gift card during your birthday month.
Gold Star Chili Register for the eClub, get a “birthday surprise,” as well as a BOGO coupon for three-way chili.
Golden Corral Members of the Good As Gold Club will receive a birthday surprise (possibly a free meal).
Great American Cookies You’re gonna get a birthday cookie surprise that is probably in the form of a free cookie if you sign up for cookie-mail.
Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Rewards members will receive a birthday offer.
Hooter’s Sign up for HootClub emails and get a free, unspecified birthday gift.
Houlihan’s Join the email list and get $10 off for singing up plus a free entrée on your birthday. Plus, “lots of other swag.”
IHOP Become a member of the Pancake Revolution and receive free pancakes — on your birthday, right away, and on the anniversary of your membership — for your efforts.
Jack in the Box Sign up for offers, get a coupon you can use during your birthday week for two free tacos with purchase.
Jamba Juice Members of the Jamba Insider rewards program get a free birthday smoothie or juice.
Jersey Mike’s Subs Sign up for the email club and get a yearly coupon on your birthday for a free sub and regular size drink that can be used anytime during the year.
Johnny Rockets Registering for emails will get you a free burger with purchase on your first visit as well as on your birthday.
Krispy Kreme Donuts Treat yourself to a free doughnut on your birthday after you’ve signed up for the eClub.
Lone Star Steakhouse Join the eClub, get a gift for joining, and a gift on your birthday (rumored to be a free appetizer).
Marble Slab Creamery Members of the Slab Happy rewards program will receive a $5 coupon on their birthday and subscriber anniversary, plus a free ice cream for signing up.
Margaritaville All you have to do is show up on your birthday to get a free scoop of ice-cream — plus toppings.
Moe’s Southwestern Grill Get a complimentary birthday burrito every year when you sign up for Moe’s e-World.
Noodles & Company Becoming a member of the Noodlegrams eClub will entitle you to you one free noodle bowl on your birthday.
O’Charley’s Members of the O’Club get a free birthday surprise, and a free appetizer just for joining.
Olive Garden Free appetizer or dessert during your birthday month if you subscribe to the eClub.
Outback Steakhouse No need to sign up to receive a child-size vanilla sundae with chocolate syrup on your birthday. If you do sign up for the rewards program, you’ll also get a birthday coupon for a free dessert or appetizer with your meal.
P.F. Chang’s Register for emails and receive a complimentary appetizer or dessert of your choice during your birthday month.
Panera Bread MyPanera members get a free pastry, dessert, or cafe item on their birthday.
Pinkberry PinkCard subscribers can score a free yogurt on their birthday.
Pizza Hut Register for an online ordering account and receive free cinnamon sticks on your birthday (when you place an order online).
Planet Smoothie Members of the Planet Smoothie Club get a free smoothie on their birthday.
Ponderosa You want a birthday surprise? Join the eClub.
Qdoba Mexican Grill Qdoba Rewards members will get a birthday offer for joining, as long as you register at least two months prior to your birthday.
Quiznos Join the Q Club online, and get your choice of free cookie on your birthday when you bring in the email coupon.
Red Mango Get $5 off your birthday purchase after you join Club Mango, as well as a $2 reward for signing up.
Red Lobster A random freebie will be chosen for you on your birthday if you’re a member of the Fresh Catch Club at least seven days prior to the big day. Cue the suspense.
Red Robin A free birthday burger will be yours if you’re a member of the Royalty rewards club.
Rita’s Italian Ice Birthday Club members get a free treat on their birthday (a free scoop of ice cream, Italian ice, or custard). And if your birthday is in the winter months when your local Rita’s may be closed, you’ll get a half-birthday message/offer instead.
Ruby Tuesday Adding your name to the So Connected email list gets you a free appetizer when you join, and your choice of either a free burger or free garden bar entree on your birthday.
Sbarro Anyone in the the Slice Society can score a free slice of pizza on their birthday.
Smashburger Free side or shake with any purchase on your birthday for members of the Smashclub, plus a 50% off entree with purchase of a side and drink upon joining.
Sonic Signing up for MySonic rewards will earn you a free birthday treat.
Sprinkles Cupcakes Members of the perks program will get a free cupcake on their birthday. Once you get to a certain level, you’ll also get a free cupcake on your half birthday. The top tier of members get a dozen free cupcakes on the big day.
Starbucks Join the Starbucks Rewards program and get a free birthday beverage.
Steak N’ Shake Want a double-steak burger with cheese fries for free on your birthday? Sign up for the email club.
TCBY Register for myTCBY and get a free frozen yogurt on your birthday and bring on the brain freeze.
TGI Fridays Become a “Friend With Benefits” and get a free dessert during your birthday month, as well as a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert when you sign up.
Waffle House Free birthday waffle for all Waffle House Regulars Club members.
Wendy’s WendyMail subscribers get a free Frosty.
Whataburger Get a free Justaburger on your birthday by signing up for emails.



Are we missing any great discounts or freebies? Let us know: Send an email to tips@consumerist.com.

Challenge 582

Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:06 am
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Welcome back to another Snarry Thursday, all!
Our new prompt this week is:

Challenge 582: Opportunity
Enjoy! ;)

And remember, we encourage cross-posting across all our journals, DW, IJ, and LJ, so feel free to post your responses to any or all of them.

links for Friday

Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:41 pm
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NPR: Why Honeybees Are The Wrong Problem To Solve

From what I understand, the problem is less that 'without bees we won't be able to pollinate anything' and more 'the way we agribusiness is a problem - and the way we use bees in agribusiness is part of that problem'.


NPR: The Astrobiology Of The Anthropocene (2016)

Basically, like the Jurassic, Triassic, and other '-cene' eras, we're now in the Anthropocene. A new way of looking at things.


The Establishment: Adoption Is A Feminist Issue (But Not For The Reasons You Think)

Ties in with abortion and childbearing, and (I think) points out the issue that if women weren't crowded into a place where they have no economic choices/advantages, then both adoption and abortion rates would drop.

Which is pretty much what this article I linked to (from a Christian minister in Sydney) points out - that having children economically disadvantages women, and if we as a society (or culture, or community) are not going to help a woman bear the burden of children, then even the ones who eventually want children are going to abort if they become pregnant at an inconvenient time.


The Atlantic: The Cheapest Generation

What do you do when an entire generation of society largely don't want or can't afford the products you're selling? What does that do to the model of economic growth?


Sydney Morning Herald: Three Women Who Regret Motherhood

Earlier this week, I asked if there was any socially acceptable way for a woman to indicate she regretted having children. The kick for that question was this article.

I think the most helpful thing I got was [personal profile] havocthecat saying that perhaps there needs to be some kind of 'mourning ceremony' for all the things that are going to be lost in having a child. A baby shower is supposed to be the joyful, hopeful, encouraging thing, but we don't talk about the negative side of changes to a woman's status when she becomes a mother.


Racked: The Politics of Pockets (2016)

How and why women's clothing has no pockets.


The New Yorker: China's Mistress Dispellers

The people who are hired to get rid of China's mistresses - chase them off, buy them out - whatever works. And the culture and sociology and reasoning behind the scenes of such a business, as well as an insight into a brief history of Chinese marriage.


The New Yorker: Power To The People (2015)

An article about solar power and the part that utility companies - and regulation - may have to play in that; to their advantage, but in the face of the old model. (Man, how does that sound familiar.)

There was an interesting article that popped up as a result of this (or which popped this up as a result) about solar power in Africa - that's a 2017 article, about startups in Africa selling cheap power to sub-Saharan Africans, the advantages, disadvantages, and moral questions. I don't know where that article is, though - I thought I saved it, but maybe not.


Modern Maker's Retreat: A New Perspective on Modern Quilting

The last few years have seen arguments over what defines modern quilting, and this woman has an interesting perspective on it all (and one which I've lightly touched on in quilting blogging). Quilting used to be a thrift task - done because there were scraps that needed to be used rather than wasted. Now, it's a creative work of art - done for the joy of it, and by people who have the resources to spend on function-specific tools and fabric. She thinks that's the difference between 'traditional' and 'modern' quilting for her. I can't entirely agree; I think colour and fabric and style comes into play as well.
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Posted by Teresa Jusino

Orphan Black is, in large part, about women fighting for their bodily autonomy. While Dyad and Neolution have been trying to claim ownership over the Leda Clones for four seasons, Clone Club has been fighting to survive on their own terms. What’s interesting in the show’s fifth season is that in the most recent episode, “Clutch of Greed,” we were given two female characters fighting for bodily autonomy without survival being the point. **SPOILERS AHOY**

For the past four seasons, Sarah’s daughter Kira has been shuttled and shuffled around for her own safety. The daughter of our principal Leda Clone, it’s also become clear over the years that she’s special beyond the fact that she was born to a clone. Over the years, she seems to have demonstrated that she has visions, or a kind of sixth sense. More recently, as they’ve found more Leda clones, Kira has made it known that she can “feel [Sarah’s] sisters.” Kira is connected to all of them, and feels them constantly.

So, of course, everyone wants to study her, and her mother wants to keep her safe. They’ve been running and hiding for years and, for the most part, Kira has gone along. As a little girl with an entire clone family protecting her, along with Felix and Mrs. S, she didn’t really have much choice, and she trusted that they had her best interests at heart.

Yet, at the beginning of this season, there’s a new element affecting the Leda Clones’ lives. Rachel has been chosen by P.T. Westmoreland himself (the founder of Neolution who’s way, way old) to lead Neolution. She says she wants to help cure her sisters, and she wants them all to come in willingly. She’s giving Cosima the time and space to test the cure for their illness, and if it works, she can develop it for all of them.

She also wants to restart human cloning, but that’s a whole other conversation. The point is, she wants to do so nicely.

After Rachel captured Sarah, she wanted to make a deal. Or rather, she wanted to call a sort of truce between herself and the other Ledas. She doesn’t want to take Kira away from Sarah, but she does want to study her, and so she asks Sarah to allow her to pick up Kira from school every day so that she can aid them in their research, and she’ll be delivered back safely

Sarah agrees, but then once she’s safely alone with Mrs. S and Felix, she reveals that she has zero intention of trusting Rachel, even though in her brief time with her, Kira has come to like Rachel, going so far as to call her “Auntie Rachel,” much to Sarah’s annoyance. Sarah then comes up with a plan to steal Kira back from under Rachel’s nose and go hide outside the country.

The plan to save Kira succeeds, though not without some hardship and tragedy. But when it comes time for Sarah and Kira to board a truck that’s going to take them away to safety, something interesting happens.

Kira fights getting on the truck and insists that she doesn’t want to run again. She wants to go with Rachel. Sarah is horrified.

But as Kira explains, she wants to know “why [she’s] like this.” She’s tired of running without answers. She’s tired of her mother and the rest of Clone Club making decisions for her. She’s tired of being shushed or not believed when she tries to warn people about something. Rachel might not be the safest person in the world, but in this moment Kira is asserting her right to look for answers about her own body, abilities, and identity. Even if it means putting herself in danger. She screams for the right to be able to make that decision for herself.

Orphan Black seems to be reminding us that, just because Kira is young doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a say in what happens to her. While Sarah obviously loves her and wants to protect her the way most mothers would, she’s not taking into account the toll the constant running and hiding has already taken on Kira. Kira is tired of survival at the expense of her own spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. She chooses to take a chance, because the pain of not knowing feels worse to her. And when Sarah looks to Mrs. S and Felix for support, they side with Kira, driving home the message that even as parents want to protect their children, they also have to listen to them.

**CW: Brief description of a character’s murder and a shot of the dead character from the show**

And then there’s M.K. Poor, sick M.K. who’s come down with the clone illness hard. Scott has managed to track down M.K. and M.K. has managed to break into Felix’s apartment. She becomes a big help in maneuvering Clone Club to get Kira to safety, and Sarah is determined to ensure that M.K. will be safe, too. Diverging from the plan a bit, Sarah risks her safety (and almost gets caught by Ferdinand) to stop and pick up M.K. so that she can leave with her and Kira.

However, when Sarah gets to Felix’s, M.K. tells her she shouldn’t have come. That she’s been running and hiding most of her life and she just needs to stop. She’s really similar to Kira in this way, and as with Kira, Sarah thinks she knows best. She insists that the only thing that matters is escaping Neolution. M.K, however, has other priorities. Her illness is pretty far gone, and it’s likely she doesn’t have long anyway. She doesn’t want to spend what’s left of her life running. She finds meaning in helping the rest of Clone Club to safety, but that doesn’t necessarily mean safety for herself.

When Ferdinand tracks Sarah to Felix’s apartment, M.K. makes the ultimate sacrifice. She exchanges clothes with Sarah and gets her out though another entrance as she attempts to hold off Ferdinand. While Ferdinand is there for Sarah, he sadistically rejoices at the sight of M.K. (who recently deprived him of millions of dollars and didn’t have the decency of dying with the rest of the clones he was responsible for killing in Helsinki) dressed as Rachel (who has recently broken his heart by not being into dominating him anymore). He calls it “two revenge fantasies in one.” In a scene that is really, really excruciating to watch, he stomps on M.K’s chest until she is dead. Then, in morbid salute, Ferdinand places her sheep mask on her chest before leaving the apartment.

What’s almost beautiful about that entire scene, however, is that M.K. is prepared to die. She knew what was coming, and she was at peace with it. She insists, over and over, that “you can’t hurt me anymore.” She has chosen to help her sisters and escape her illness by putting herself in this position and letting the chips fall where they may.

On a show that is all about female characters fighting for ownership over their own bodies, I was struck by the fact that, in this episode, we had two of those female characters essentially fighting for the right to put themselves in harm’s way toward a greater purpose. Fighting for freedom, or for one’s life, or for the abstract idea of “having control over one’s body” is very understandable to most people.

Fighting for the right to die, or for peace, or for answers, or sacrificing for another are understood a lot less.  These, too, are choices one can make when exerting autonomy over one’s own body, and women have just as much a right over these choices as they do over the choices that would protect them and keep them safe, and alive.

It’s interesting that Orphan Black gave us a look at what that kind of autonomy can look like through the two most seemingly helpless characters on the show. Kira and M.K. are both nuanced female characters, showing us that being a “strong” female character means being a character who asserts her agency, whether it keeps her “safe” or not.

(images: screencap/BBC America)

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American Gods 1.08

Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:42 pm
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Getting this done before the Munich Film Festival starts tomorrow (guests of honor: Bryan Cranston and Sofia Coppola, who brings her parents along!).

Now that the season is over, I'm still not sure whether Fuller's decision to stretch the main plot out and pace it the way he does is justified. I mean, we STILL haven't reached the House on the Rock yet, and I assumed that would happen in the third episode, as it's this story's Council of Elrond scene, so to speak. Just think of a LotR tv adaption where they've barely made out of the Shire by the time the season finishes. Otoh, all that Fuller & Co. have added does enrich the story and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it, so.

And the moral of the story is... )
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Posted by Maanvi Singh

Dead Canary Islands date palms, killed by red palm weevils, line a road in La Mersa, Tunis, Tunisia.

Thanks to globalization and climate change, the pest has spread to 60 countries, attacking coconut, date and oil palm plantations, and costing millions of dollars in damages.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mark Hoddle/Department of Entomology, University of California Riverside)


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  • Book of Darkness by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Beyond Our Horizon by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Supernature by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Romantica by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

  • Bright Young Things by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

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  • Assassin's Blood by Natasha Duncan-Drake

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